A Lovely Home, on the Sea…

(A little repost from “The Blog of Love”…)

Along with my dream of writing for a living (and being able to work from home on my own terms), I’ve recently adopted the dream of living on the sea. No, not near the sea, or next to the sea, or with a view of the sea – ON the sea…

Today, my wife and I checked out Open Houses in Vancouver’s lovely (and busy) Coal Harbour. We weren’t in some $400K high-rise condo though (although there are a lot of those to be found – we were down at sea level, looking at detached homes for under $200K. Real detached. In fact, they barely touch the earth. They were floating homes, or sea homes, moored down at the Coal Harbour Marina.

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  • I once lived on a tiny houseboat with my boyfriend of the time. There is something really soothing about having the ocean beneath your feet, of rolling gently with the waves. Though from what I hear, with the larger homes, you barely feel it unless there’s a storm.

    I wish you the best in success in attaining your dream. Just think, you could be fishing from your kitchen window. ;-)

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
    bestselling author of Whale Song