What Independent Author Stacey Cochran learned from self-publishing

I found this article to be a very useful, first-hand account of the challenges and advantages of self-publishing.

I think that opinion tends to be divided between those who feel that eBooks are opening new opportunities for readers and writers, and those who feel that the eReader medium is still too immature and under-refined compared to paper books and traditional book publishing and book selling.

This fellow’s travails in self-publishing and book marketing provide a practical example of the pros and cons of being an independent author and book publisher.



Author: E. John Love

E. John Love is an artist, designer and writer living in Vancouver, BC.

2 thoughts on “What Independent Author Stacey Cochran learned from self-publishing”

  1. Thanks for the ping-back. Definitely some cons to be self-pubbed only. What’s really interesting in 2010 are the traditionally published authors who are established and well-respected forgoing the trad. route to now self-publish and draw higher royalties. For these folks, self-pubbing seems to be working.

  2. Thanks for the comment Stacey! I found your article very useful. The emergence of the eBook market and slow commoditization (a word?) of eRreaders reminds me of the burgeoning browser wars back in the mid-late 90s. It will be interesting to see which eSellers and eReaders disappear in the next few years.

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