Rebuilding Foundations: 2012 Colour Studies – Unit 4

Unit 4: Between Black and White

Continuing with my self-directed study of colour by following the telecourse Colour: An Introduction.

(Check out all my colour assignments here.)

Here are my notes from completing this unit of study:

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Colour Studies 2012, Unit 4

The goals for this particularly large unit of study were:

  • mixing chromatic blacks, greys, and whites
  • establishing a grey scale
  • “breaking” a colour, by adding it complementary

My experiences while completing the assignments:

  • Like the other units, I did this unit exclusively on my Playbook tablet. Even though the Colour course exercises demonstrate mixing the red, yellow, and blue subtractive primaries (e.g. oil pigments), I was actually dealing in RGB colour (additive, light).
  • Using a paint program with a basic colour picker that had three sliders (one for Red, one for Green, and one for Blue), picking colours that successively changed from one primary to its complement were a challenge. Going from a saturated colour to a grey was much simpler.
  • A very enjoyable unit, but I think I need to produce more work here – it seems too incomplete in terms of explorations.

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