Rebuilding Foundations: 2012 Colour Studies – Unit 5

Unit 5: Discord Energy

Continuing with my self-directed study of colour by following the telecourse Colour: An Introduction.

(Check out all my colour assignments here.)

Here are my notes from completing this unit of study:

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Colour Studies 2012, Unit 5

The goals for this unit of study were:

  • mixing alternating, classical and complementary discords

My experiences while completing the assignments:

  • I enjoyed the ideas of discords, and the approaches to them as described by Hudson and Johannes Itten. I found colour and tonal combinations which, for me, evoked particular periods and styles in art, design and fashion. When I see a dark orange against a light red (pink), or light blue next to a dark green, it always makes me think of fashion and illustration from the 40s or 50s.
  • I did this unit exclusively on my Playbook tablet. Even though the colour exercises demonstrate mixing red, yellow, and blue primaries in pigment, I was actually dealing in RGB colour.
  • An enjoyable unit, but I need to produce more work here – it seems too incomplete. It would be a good idea to go back and review the unit examples, video and assignment instructions and see what I may have overlooked.

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