The joy of being curious

I feel like a healthy sense of curiosity is the key to living an interesting and vital life. Curiosity is not just something you have – it should be something you do.

A core part of remaining curious must be in maintaining a childlike sense of wonder – allowing new experiences to affect you in a positive and open way, emotionally – even the things that may threaten your deeply-held beliefs about yourself and the world. Willing to be open to change is probably the biggest part of being teachable (by yourself or by others).

In his “Incomplete manifesto for growth“, Canadian designer Bruce Mau offered a list of elemental advice for designers and creative types. One of his axioms that really stuck with me said simply: “Allow events to change you.”

I’ve found that my favourte teachers, the ones who’ve been the most effective and deserving of heed, are themselves still active learners. Through their curisity and enthusiasm, they demonstrate the joy of seeking out and learning new things.

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