gratitude for the small things

I have gratitude for small things:

For the territoriality of small birds, which to me sounds like enthusiasm for morning light and sweet air.

For the attachment of an enthusiastic little neighbourhood cat, whose daily visits feel like unconditional, unstoppable friendship.

For warm, sincere greetings from colleagues, which to me feel like affection.

For written words, telephone voices, and occasional in-person hugs and smiles from those people who matter, all of which makes me feel that I myself matter.

For singing loud and proud when others cannot hear, which feels like pure, unfiltered existence in the moment,

For little moments of reassuring eye contact, smiles, and an hourly “I love you”, given by someone from whose side I never wish to be parted again.

For knowing how to turn a bad situation on its ear, and transform sad, scared feelings into peace, by remembering that after all, its just in my head.

All of these things help to fill in missing pieces of other things which had been lost.

Piece by piece, from pain to peace, I feel grateful.