Cordova-Dino Family Time

Sept. 29/19

The arrival of Grace’s cousin Vince Cordova and his fiance Maricris brought to us a fun week of activity, touring all around greater Vancouver with them, sharing the joy of their company, and reflecting on our families and shared relatives.

It also made me think about my marriage: Vince and Maricris are fiancees, planning their wedding next year. As we talked to them about their future plans and hopes, we told them the story of how Grace and I met, became a couple, and eventually married. Grace’s family and mine became gradually woven together, creating a strength that has lasted over thirty years, and which has made me feel proud, needed, and warmly connected.

To me, Vince feels like a younger brother, and Maricris feels like a little sister. They are warm, easy-going, and friendly, and have been the most lovely and generous house guests.

To them, we have been “Kuya John” and “Ate Grace”, which is kind of the Filipino equivalent of saying older brother and older sister in Tagalog.

I think that the words “Kuya John” are the nicest words I’ve heard all week.