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April 2019
After restoring my backups to a brand new computer, I finally got back online in and Family Tree Maker, and began reviewing and researching my  family tree. (So, always back up your important files, kids!)

The original family tree was a large paper chart spanning seven generations and about 250 years. It came to me from my father, and to him through his brothers Charles or Eric. Back in 1999, I entered the whole thing into Family Tree Maker, uploaded a GEDCOM file to the World Family Tree database project, and then started updating and researching family members.

August 2018
True Life turned 20 years old. I still can’t believe that.

Nov. 22/14
After about 15 years, I retired my personal Linux server, which housed my original “True Life” web project and a few other web shrines. I gradually rebuilt the True Life project in its new WordPress home, where you see it today. Right now, I’m rebuilding the 66-71 story album.

The True Life Facebook project page went online here:

Nov. 11/07
An interactive family tree was *finally* published in the Tree House section of this site, spanning seven generations and about 250 years.

2006 and 2007
Partial biographies of my mother, Angela Huntley Clarke and my father James Evan Love were started.

Jun. 05/04
The second story album, “72 – 75”, was finally completed. Work began on the third album, “’75-’77”.

Feb. 07/02
“True Life” Rebuilt: The “True Life” site was rebuilt in PHP. This was necessary since my web site was rebuilt with Apache and PHP3.

Sept. 18/99
Minor maintenance updates: The “True Life” story albums were renamed, and work began on the final stories in the “1972-1974” story album.

Aug. 10/99
The “True Life” site underwent minor updates, mostly to improve legibility of content and improve the ability to contact John.

Jun. 19/99
The first story album, “66 – 71”, was completed. Work began on the second album, “’72-’75”.

Mar. 03/99
“True Life” was officially launched!

Jan. 25/99
During the months of January and February 1999, this site and its first few stories was previewed to the rest of the Web, and indexed by most of the major search engines. It was officially launched on March 1st, 1999 (my birthday gift to myself).

August 1998
This is the point when I started to write the innards of the True Life web shrine – the introduction was actually the first thing I wrote. It was like a manifesto that drove me to start the whole thing.


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