Don’t Smoke Mom!

I’d never known my Mom to have a lot of will power. It couldn’t have been easy, but one day Mom decided to try and quit smoking, and Kim and I decided to help her.

Mum seemed happy here. The kitchen behind her is filled with various oddities that seemed right at home, such as the Leprechaun coffee mug on the counter behind her.

I remember her hands shaking and her fingers fumbling as she tried “not to smoke”. While Mum was in the kitchen twiddling her hair, fussing and fretting, and generally having a serious conflict of conscience, Kim and I started our own little anti-smoking support campaign. Soon, pictures of beloved Sesame Street characters began covering doors and walls throughout the trailer. When Mum saw a crude likeness of Cookie Monster with a cigarette in his mouth and the words “Don’t Smoke!” scrawled underneath, she burst out laughing. “Ohhh, my darlings!”

Soon afterwards, the cigarettes came out of the trash and Mom celebrated her attempt at being a non-smoker with a nice, relaxing cigarette.

Not the original drawing, but an amazing simulation!



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