Mum’s Home-made Robot Factory

mum_robots_box_bothSometimes my Mum would be really passive and quiet, and at other times she could be really energetic and animated and fun to be with. This day was one of those fun times.

For some reason which I cannot remember now, my Mum decided to make costumes for me and me sister. We were going to become robots.

Mum found two cardboard boxes and got busy with some scissors and paper. She salvaged egg cartons, pink and blue paper and silver and gold metallic foil. She did each one differently – one for a boy and one for a girl. Mum cut neck and arm holes in each box and glued coloured foil and paper on each, and glued the cups from styrofoam egg cartons on the front, to be like the knobs on a colourful little control panel.

Kim and I stood in the living room and were excitedly fitted with our new equipment. She helped us get the boxes over our heads, and then Kim and I were two little cardboard robots going “beep beep” out in the front yard.


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