1975 – 1977

frigidaire-vintage-refrigeratorIn this era, I began to understand how complicated living seemed to be, and how people often say one thing yet do the opposite.

I started learning more about power, fear, the roles of men and women, and the difference between being middle-class and being poor. I also learned that animals and some special grown-ups will love you unconditionally.

I learned that there are different kinds of poor: the sick and angry poor, and the happy, optimistic poor. Some families have multiple layers of crap happening to them.

I learned about the scary kinds of people that exist: sick loners, manipulative users of people, and straight-up pedophiles and abusers.

In spite of some nasty, scary or desperate lessons that life revealed, there was still sunshine, the beauty of young innocence and laughter, and the relieving joy of escapist imagination and fantasy play. I could be a soldier, or an athlete, or an architect or a hero, or a problem-solver.

2 thoughts on “1975 – 1977”

  1. cannot express the deep respect I have for John for putting our life down in words.
    I have no doubt it took and continues to take great courage to continue this. Am so proud to say I am his little sister.

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The memoir and family history of E. John Love