Professional Background

I began my professional design career back in 1989, after graduating from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver.

I didn’t pursue a particular area of specialty, but I really think that it had more to do with my deep involvement with computers, electronics and a number of other areas which the college curriculum had not yet formalized.

So, I fooled around with computer graphics, taught myself BASIC programming, and in my senior years, built electronic sculptures, learned about the Bauhaus and read the art, science and technology journal, “Leonardo”. Over four years, my grades and confidence improved as I acquired skills and found my creative voice.

Since 1989, I’ve logged over 20 years of experience in graphics and design for video, print and interactive media. As a digital designer, I’ve been drawn to the Internet and software development sectors since 1992, working primarily with small, high-tech software and hardware developers who need an all-around creative person. Ironically, being an all-around creative and design guy has become my area of expertise.

In 1999, I also began working as a Technical Writer. Gradually, I learned about document structure, information hierarchy, instructional storytelling (yes, in technical writing, there is a kind of narrative at work), and the value of doing research and getting the facts straight. Technical writing was only one part of my daily work life, and I respect those who do it on a full-time basis.

Being effective in different media boils down to being a lateral thinker and an open communicator – knowing how to use a different voice to reach a particular audience.

Reading is an intimate experience, with two voices at play: the voice of the story, which the reader synthesizes in their head, and the reader’s own voice as they empathize, reflect and incorporate it into their experience.

I hope you enjoy my voice. Maybe you’ll use the Contact form to let me hear yours…?

If you’re interested, here’s my LinkedIn profile.