Before I began writing fiction about Jack Owen and his family, I began writing about my own family.

True Life: My Online Memoir

True Life originally went live in March 1999. It remains my ongoing, online attempt to cobble together a complete, illustrated personal life story, documenting fuzzy memories from my birth, onwards.

A collection of over fifty stories and anecdotes illustrated with photographs and original sketches, True Life is an evolving tribute to my lost family, past friends, and to the various challenges and people I’ve known over the years.

Articles and Reviews

As a blogger, I’ve often expressed my personal cultural, social and political view online.

Comics and graphic novel reviews for

“Hero Squared”, Issue 3 from Boom! Studios
“Hero Squared”, Issue 4 from Boom! Studios
“Hero Squared”, Issue 5 from Boom! Studios
“Hero Squared”, Issue 6 from Boom! Studios

“The Plot” by Will Eisner

“Batman: Year 100”, Issue 1 of 4
“Batman: Year 100”, Issue 2 of 4
“Batman: Year 100”, Issue 3 of 4
“Batman: Year 100”, Issue 4 of 4


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