Work In Progress: The Two Sisters

I’m currently working on my second novel, The Two Sisters, which follows Jack Owen and his family a couple of years after the events of my first novel, Owe Nothing.

When Jack Owen's great aunt dies, he's rapidly introduced to two aunts he barely knows - each of them unique, and each capable of bringing him closer to the truth of his late mother. Every family has a past, and his two aunts, sisters who have never come to terms with each other, bring their old rivalries, pain and secrets into Jack's life, changing things in ways he could never have imagined.

Meanwhile, Jack’s trying to shake off another relationship: his previous night-time spying activities for Bill and the mysterious man known only  as “Ed”. Those men know too much about Jack already and it’s starting to feel dangerous. Jack might think he’s done with the past, but it obviously isn’t done with him…

Here are a few previews from “Two Sisters” (from the Owe Nothing fan page):

Character Influences come from real people…

In “The Two Sisters”, the character of Rose is inspired by and drawn from my mother, Angela Huntley Clarke. This blog post provides a description of Angela’s life, and how her experiences became the basis for Rose.

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