Tom Hudson: Emily Carr Foundation Lectures

The audio recordings below make up a series of three hour Foundation lectures delivered by Tom Hudson, Dean of Instruction at the Emily Carr College of Art + Design (ECCAD).

Although it’s audio only, Tom is giving a slideshow with these talks. The setup was usually two slide projectors side by side from the projection room at the back of the room (you’ll hear him refer to images on the left and right).

ECCAD Drawing Lecture, 1987

This lecture covers drawing and 2D language from ancient man, through early childhood development, through classical and renaissance developments (wherein Tom also describes his own art academy style of training and tests), followed by post-impressionist and cubist developments, and then the relationship of artist to modern technology. He covers a lot of ground.

1987 Foundation Drawing Lecture, Part 1:

1987 Foundation Drawing Lecture, Part 2:


ECCAD Creative Process Lecture, 1987

This lecture provides a historical overview of the creative role of artists and designers, starting with the Renaissance, and covering aspects of creative process and response in various media by famous artists in the Victorian and Modern ages.

Tom describes his involvement with the Fluxus Group in New York, his performance pieces in Vancouver in the 1980s, and consulting projects with industrial designers and engineers on large-scale environmental pieces (via UNESCO). Finally, Tom exhorts his student audience to feel empowered and hopeful as future artists and designers, and to take an active, participatory role in effecting positive change in their society.

1987 Foundation Creative Process Lecture, Part 1:


1987 Foundation Creative Process Lecture, Part 2:


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