Owe Nothing: a Novel

“Owe Nothing” is an adventure-drama based on real people and places that I knew back when my family lived in dodgy Vancouver Motels for over a year.

Jack Owen has gotten himself in over his head. At his low-paying day job, employees are leaving suddenly, and there’s a car full of bullet holes stashed in his boss’s maintenance shed. It’s all starting to make him wonder just what kind of a car wash he’s working for. At home, his best friends Mike and Chris need to separate their mother Regina and their abusive step-father Ted before they kill each other. Maybe they can get rid of Ted somehow without Regina finding out… Then there’s that old drunk in the neighbourhood who’s been beating his dog. Somebody should do something about that guy. How did Jack’s life ever get so complicated, and how will he keep it all from his Dad and his sister?

Owe Nothing is a non-mainstream look at Vancouver: an adventure novel based upon real people and places that I knew when my family lived in the neighbourhood of Vancouver-Kingsway. The names of the people in Owe Nothing are fictionalized, but the people and events are inspired by reality.

My mission is to write fiction that resonates, based upon real events and people from my life in Vancouver. Currently, I do this through characters like Jack Owen and his family and friends. Jack’s stories combine adventure, humour and drama with realistic characters who get caught in offbeat situations that test their limits.

I invite you to read more about Owe Nothing and judge for yourself.

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Here’s a few of the main characters…

Jack Owen
A young guy looking for adventure, and an escape from his lower-class rut. By accepting a bizarre job offer, he soon discovers that the back alleys and rooftops of East Vancouver hold more mysteries than he may be able to hide from his Dad or his Sister.

Parminder Singh
Jack’s buddy from work, and his companion through some bizarre surveillance tasks that they’ve been recruited to do for a man they’ve never even met. Parm’s not sure if this is on the up and up, but he’ll do it for the money.

Mike and Chris Coffey
Brothers, and friends of Jack from the neighbourhood. They’ve got to find a way to get rid of their violent alcoholic step-father Ted, without their mother Regina finding out. Maybe Jack can help them…?