Feedback about “Owe Nothing” from readers and reviewers –

“With an effective balance of wit and suspense, Owe Nothing is an equally compelling and entertaining read. In skillful fashion, author E. John Love has crafted an enjoyable tale of a lovable loser in search of a bit of adventure. In Jack, Love has created quite the sympathetic protagonist: a ne’er-do-well everyman with which readers from all backgrounds are sure to relate.

An engaging, endearing tale with a deft humorous touch, Owe Nothing is a rewarding literary treat.”
– Renee Washburn, Apex Reviews

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“One of the best novel’s I have read in the recent past… Thanks John…”
– Fatos, Vancouver, BC

“WOW. Your sense of storytelling is amazing and I was definitely moved and intrigued by the characters, their experiences and views of life. I am excited to buy the book and check out your other projects!”
– Christina, Coffee News, Vancouver, BC

“I thoroughly enjoyed [Owe Nothing] and do hope there’s a sequel in the works – what IS going on in that car wash? Firstly, I liked the book as a good yarn, I had no trouble at all going from cover to cover in a sitting. I liked your characters, no saints perhaps, but it was easy to empathize with them and their problems.

Vancouver is a city without much appreciation for it’s history, I think you’ve rendered a great service with such a vivid picture of that time and place.”
– Bruce, North Vancouver, BC

“Awesome novel John! I enjoyed entering the world at the Mountain View and sharing in Jack’s exploits. You have definitely brought back to life a place I can see in my mind and remember in my heart. I find myself thinking of the experiences that Jack went through and wondering where life is taking him next.”
– Nikki, Prince George, BC

“I meant to read it later, but started reading the first chapter and couldn’t put it down. A great read!”
– Michelle, Coquitlam, BC

“I received your novel and I started it right away. Read 50 pages at the first sitting, so I gotta tell you I’m enjoying it… It’s so cool to read things you recognize – and I have always LOVED that little-houses motel on Kingsway!”
– Karen, Vancouver, BC

– Jody, North Vancouver, BC

“I liked how the many plots were resolved.
A real coming-of-age story…”
– Mark, Anmore, BC

“I really liked it! When’s the next book coming out? I really want to know what’s going to happen to these characters.”
– Lori, New Westminster, BC


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