It’s high time I read a really good graphic novel. Persepolis.

I have “The Complete Persepolis” and after a heavy diet of superhero fiction in comic book and movie form, I think it’s time to dive deeper into something deeper and more personal.

Famous American underground comic book artist Robert Crumb describes the power of expressing one’s personal message via comic art, and how his message garnered derision and negative feedback, or were deemed less significant because of the history of his chosen medium.

Will Eisner and a multitude of other artists have proven the narrative efficacy of comics, telling personal and powerful stories in panel after panel.

Basically, this is how I’ll try to open up my ignorance about Iran, to hopefully get in touch with the life of someone who’s lived there and who understands the land and the people, and hopefully, to create a kind of thought-antidote to all the ignorance and vitriol that continues to come across Canada’s southern border.


Author: E. John Love

E. John Love is an artist, designer and writer living in Vancouver, BC.