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Rebuilding Foundations: 2012 Colour Studies – Unit 3

Unit 3: Colour Structures

Continuing with my self-directed study of colour by following the telecourse Colour: An Introduction.

(Check out all my colour assignments here.)

These notes give more detail on my experiences while completing this unit of study:

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Colour Studies 2012, Unit 3

The goals for this particularly large unit of study were:

  • further exploration of to colour temperature (warm/cool) aspects
  • to further explore the relationship of colour to form, via personal language and basic mark-making using warm and cool colour combinations
  • using triads and tetrads on the colour wheel to establish colour schemes
  • To use those colour schemes to devise freeform and geometric shapes and lines (layouts)

My experiences while completing the assignments:

  • Again, some drawing aspects (straight-edged forms in the colour layout series) had to be finished on my PC using Photoshop.