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Portfolio_EJLThank you for your interest in my design portfolio.

I’ve been active as a graphic artist and visual designer since 1989, primarily in the software and Internet sectors. I’ve been active in Graphic User Interface design since 1992.

I studied Fine Arts at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design (now known as Emily Carr University). Through multi-disciplinary studies, I researched visual literacy and perception, computer graphics, animation, multimedia, audio, video and electronics.

As a visual designer, I’ve succeeded at providing small and mid-sized organizations with rapid, practical, and effective design solutions in print and interactive formats.

My other technical and communications abilities have been largely self-taught. I’ve studied and developed new skills whenever necessary, to create electronic sculptures, teach myself a programming language, or write a novel.

Finding effective ways to communicate with an audience is what excites me. It happens at many levels throughout design, takes many forms, and requires many voices. The modern creative person must learn and adopt styles and skills from different areas of experience to meet their needs. For me, this demands a multi-disciplinary approach which continually exposes me to new technologies, and new ways of thinking and seeing.

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