Tree House

This section deals with the objective, large-scale aspects of my history: family names and lines that go back well before I was born (and in some cases, before my country was born), place names that resonate in other people’s histories, and feeling the excitement of making connections with previously unknown relations through the Internet.

Growing up, I felt disconnected from my family. Moments of closeness and bonding seemed few and far between. I was convinced that every other family was happier and better balanced than mine.

Developing the genealogical side of my story has helped me learn some important things:

  • How to connect lore to facts: to become a better sleuth, and to look for facts and evidence when I can.
  • To appreciate the size of my family, redefining what the word family means to me, and feeling a stronger, more real connection to my family lineage and real family pride.
  • To appreciate the accomplishments and qualities of my predecessors: learning even a few facts and stories about grandparents, great uncles, aunts, and cousins, brings them back to life for me, in a small way.
  • Every family suffers in some way. Some can grow closer, and some fall apart. The universe may be indifferent, but people are not.